June 6 2014

Congrats to our elements graduates who completed their 3 weeks this evening. If you see a new (frightened) face around the box, please help them feel welcome. It might be they who scrape you off the floor one day…

A. chinups 5×3 weighted, then 1 set max reps no weight.

B. With a partner complete the following for time:*

Row 250m
9 Clean & jerks 75/52
Row 250m
6 Clean & jerks
Row 250m
3 Clean & jerks

*One person completes a full round then tags the second person. 15 min cap

Comp class 5:30 pm only

a. Power clean to Push press 2 reps every 1:30 9 min cap

b Jerks from Rack 2-2-2-1-1-1

c jerk drives 3-3-3-2×3




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