March 23 2013

Holiday schedule for next week is as follows:

Good Friday 8 am session Open WOD 13.4

Saturday 8-10 Open gym time NO FREE TRIAL

Easter Monday 8-10 Open gym time

Work on the double unders in 3-5 minute practices throughout the week, it will improve.

Great work on the Squat clinic and Double Under progressions. Practice Practice and use the tools we worked on today.

WOD: Open WOD 13.3

150 Wallballs

90 Double unders

30 muscle ups

AMRAP 12 minutes

If only it was this easy:


  • andrew — March 23, 2013

    Whats happening team…just did this in the work gym…fricken wall balls…261rxd

  • Mel — March 27, 2013

    240 @ 9:11 + 8(muscle up progressions)

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