March 27 2014

SAVE THE DATE! APRIL 12th “K is an old C&^t”! You are all invited to Coach K’s 50th here at the box, 7 pm. Bring some kai and if you wish, some fire water. Kids welcome, I’ll put videos on in the lounge and block off the carpark for some active fun. And if you miss the Birthday Wod that day, you can always do it that night…

A1. Back Squats

beginners 3×5

int 5×1

A2. Ring Dips

Beg 3×5

Int 5×5 weighted if possible


3 Muscle Ups (sub burpee pullup/burpee tap)

6 Front squats 45/30

9 s2O

AMRAP 8 minutes

Once in a while I stop and watch what my son is obsessed with not the TV. Here some words of wisdom from Adventure Time-perfect for MU day..


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