March 28 2014

Last WOD of the Open tomorrow!! Competition classes resume next Saturday the 25th at 10:30 am with a few events on the horizon for you. Speak to Coach Devon. about getting amongst it.

A. Max chins x3 w 5 second hold at the top, eccentric lower down.

B. Beginners Power cleans 5×3 Intermediate OHS 15 min to find 1 rm

C. With a running 6 min clock:

800 m run

30 air squats

Max Power cleans @70% 3 rm

For reps and load.

OLY CLASS (5:30 Pm only)

15 min to find a 1rm hang C&J *hold Jerk

Push press 6×3

BB Conditioning

6 min alt Power clean

@ 90% of hang c&J

More words of wisdom from Jake:







CrossFit in West Auckland


  • Paddy — March 28, 2014

    46 OHS PB!
    9 reps on PC @ 35kgs

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