May 14 2015

Welcome back and congrats to Coach Ianne! He looks sharp with a wedding ring…

Connectivity : for the kip

3×8 prone dowel raises
rolling arch to hollow to v up x5 x 3 sets then:
5 sets of: 1 pullup+ 1 t2b*x3

A. FULL (squat)Clean complex

EMOM 8 min, increase load each set but focus on tech, should not fail!

1 high hang +1 hang (ak) + 1 clean

B.  for time
6 power cleans @ final weight of complex
12  c2b
200 m run

OLy Class (6:30 pm)

Power Cleans +power jerk
clean pulls
P snatch ak+ p snatch + 2 ohs

If you haven’t been in for a while you can get back on the horse…



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