May 16 2015

Thank you to all our members who helped us welcome our guest, Kendrick Farris, this weekend. We were fortunate to host his first and only workshop here in New Zealand. Thank you to all the athletes who travelled from all over the North Island to train with him Saturday, it was epic! We hope to have him come again and will be watching him  at the Pan Am’s, the Worlds and in Rio!

Connectivity HS: box stretch (knees on floor, arms on box):20 x3 (Pair up)

2x :40 tight arch  2 x:40 hollow body then;
2x :30 hs facing wall, 30 deg out in hollow (scale same shape, but hand on wall feet on ground) then(making the connection from this to the hspu):

Skill; HSPU kip progression.

WOD: Courtesy CFHQ

5 FS 90/60
5 deficit HS push ups w paralettes
10 rounds



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