May 19 2015

LAST WEEK to get your swag orders in! The Tshirt, hoodie and singlet order will go in after this week. See us for any questions…

Skill; The kip

Skill emom

odd: 3-5 1 kipping pullups+ 1 t2b (scale, just the kip)even: 30 dubs (30 sec attempts)

A1. SP beg 3×5 int 5×1
A2. strict t2b bet sets

B. Full Clean and jerk complex:

Warm up for the following. Keep loads moderate and lifts  consistent. If not proficient in split, then that athlete stays w p jerk.

1 hang squat Clean (ak)+ 1 pause (ak) squat clean+ 1 clean + 1 split  jerk  x5

Lydia Valentin




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