May 23 2014

Haere Ra and go hard HAZEL LATOA this weekend at Oceania’s! Your box is behind you all the way, we are all so proud of you!!! We here at CFW wish ALL our NZ weightlifters and coaches who are off to New Caledonia all the best, and show the world that we are a small country, but “big aint strong- strong is strong!”

A1. 3x Weighted Chin ups then max reps without weight x5

A2. OHS beg 6×3 int 8×2 to may 7 2013

10 American Swings 32/20

*10 burpee 2x push ups

5 rounds for time 8 min cap

*down for the burpee, do one pushup, back down and up for one rep

Oly Class (5:30 pm  only)

A. Jerk from the Rack 7×2

B. 10 mon EMOM Cleans




  • Paddy — May 23, 2014

    7:30? 16kg bell. OSH 41kgs for 2 reps.

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