May 25 2015

Training makes you WARM (So does seeing all your box mates) so keep it up this week. We promise no running in the freezing rain. Unless you insist…

Connectivity:Connectivity: for hs
3x :20 sec box hamstring stretch (impairs swap off)
2×1:00 tight arch 2x:1:00 hollow body then
3x :30 HS hold on wall (scale hollow body hands on wall, feet on ground 30 deg out)


BB warm up for following movements:

B. For Time: 12 min cap

7 Thrusters 45/30
10 Power Cleans
13 S2O
15 OHS
18 Front Squats
15 OHS
13 S2O
10 Power Cleans
7 Thrusters

Every minute on the minute, stop where you are and complete 5 burpees.


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