May 6 2015

If you are interested in getting on a team, rx or scaled  for the annual Mt CrossFit games Labour weekend in October, please register your interest this week by email- We need scaled men, 1 master woman, and possible rx for both male and female. If you aren’t sure if this is for you, email us and ask!

Connectivity: 3x 8 dowel raises
:40 x2 tight arch :40 x2 hollow body on hands (scale on back)
then 1 round of 5 arch to hollow to v up then:
1 kip +1 t2bx5 for 3 sets going for timing and recycle -scale rom or just kip

A. Snatch complex:

5 sets of the following  for tech, no more than 60% of 1 rm

1 high hang (power posi)+ 1 ak+ 1 pause (ak) snatch+ 1 snatch

B. CF games open WOD 12.2

10 min AMRAP

30 snatch 34/20
30 snatch 61/34
30 snatch 75/45
max reps 95/55



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