May 8 2015

We are wishing Alex P, Amber C, Mattaes, CJ and Muzza all the best at “the Kumite”  comp tomorrow! Go out and support them at Zealous CrossFit 641 Rosebank Road in Avondale. Comp starts early with our first competitor going at 7:15 am. Yelling helps…

A1.Partner pull-up drill ala CF Football

A2.Connectivity: 1 set of tabata: alternating tight arch and hollow hold then:

5 sets of 1kip+1 pull-up x5 *  OR 5 sets of 3-5 butterflies focus on hollow posi- not scorpion floppy legs- you have time to coach technique

B1. BS beg 3×5 int  3×8

B2. back ext on ghd 5-7 reps bet sets



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