November 17, 2012

Kapz and I just finished day one of our CF Gymnastics Cert and we have lots of great skills work to roll out this Friday. Even for coaches (especially for coaches) it’s important to hone your skills, learn new ones and work on weaknesses. This is why we CrossFit- so that we never arrive but keep increasing our work capacity (and look awesome) rather than stick to what we are good at and never grow as athletes.

We thought it was only fitting that we leave you with some gymnastics of your own today and let you put all that great burpee practice into play ….

Skill: Handstand practice


100 Burpee Box Jumps



  • Harley — November 17, 2012

    12:10 24″

  • andrew — November 17, 2012

    good work from the team at both classes today! 10.11 24″

  • Glenna — November 17, 2012

    81 Burpees in 15mins (2x20kg barbells weights for height). They started looking ugly towards the end…lol.

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