November 21 2012

Gymnastics Workshop this Friday 6-8 pm!!

Last Free Trial before our last Elements of 2012 is this Saturday….

Strength/skill: Strict Knees to elbows 3×3

TEAM WOD: Courtesy The BLack Box, CFNYC

In teams of 3 complete:

3000 meter row

100 Thrusters 25/35

300 American Swings 24/16

if 4 in a team, 200 MB situps

Each athlete works for 1 minute at a station and rotates. When a station is complete, that station is rest.

Here’s a little info for some of you before the weekend, or on any day for that matter. Just a few of the ingredients in what some people call “food”:


  • Melissa — November 22, 2012

    Team CFS+B (Carlie, Sam, Mel)
    – wod time: 13 rounds 18secs RXD

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