November 23 2013

Our amazing in house sports masseuse Shani Postma is taking bookings for her regular Friday and a special Saturday, November 30th! Book in at the box and we might get to keep her on Saturdays!!
“FIGHT GONE BAD” (compare to 23/2/2013)

1 minute AMRAP at each station:

wall balls 10/6 10 ft height

sdhp 35/25

box jumps 20″

push press 35/25

row for calories

1 min rest

Greg Glassman explains the origin of this workout;



  • Alex — November 22, 2013

    300rx! That’ll teach me for not recording the reps last time, but pretty sure it was around 250ish…

  • Paddy — November 23, 2013

    Damn it, I have my reps for this…. and didn’t get to do it. 247 last time!

  • Glenna — November 24, 2013

    290 scaled to the max. But one I would love to go again once the knee is back in action

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