November 29 2014

Our NZ Fitness League team fought hard against our toughest head to head team yet. We lost 3-2 with only a few reps and kgs between at us. This Tuesday we compete remotely at home at 6:30 PM of the last game  before the finals!

Clock starts with 800m run.  AMRAP of row and HPS until 7th minute.  Both partners can work at the same time, but have to be on separate movements.  One person working at a time on burpee pull ups. Complete AMRAP of rope climb and double unders same as row and HPS.  Score total reps of each HPS, calories rowed, burpee pull up, rope climbs and double unders.

21 minute running clock:

800m Run
AMRAP – Row (cal) and Hang Power Snatch (45/30)
at minute 7;
800m run
AMRAP – Burpee Pull Up
at minute 14
800m run
AMRAP – Rope Climb and Double Unders



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