October 20 2012

Another year at the Mt CrossFit games and a first representing CFW! Awesome job by Mel and Cralie in the scaled division, Genice Kapz and Kristian in the RXd division. We are a bit battered but alive and hope to have a few teams representing us down there next year!!! Thanks to Coach Andrew for holding down the fort while we were away…

WOD: “Balls of Fun”

Partner WOD

Run together 400 Meters

then complete reps between partners;

100 wall balls 10/6 kg

100 MB box jumps 20″/16″

100 MB Sit ups

400 meter run together

Post partners and times to comments!


  • Sam — October 22, 2012

    Damn, why cant we do a WOD like that when I’m there, thats me all over it :-)… Still worth missing to watch you guys rip it up and show how its done at MTCF

  • Andrew — October 22, 2012

    While I was gutted I couldn’t be with the crew smashing wods at the mt, I enjoyed taking the rest of the team through ‘balls of fun’…great effort shown by all bring on this week!

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