October 25 2012

Those of you cranking along with the Paleo Challenge, keep it up, even if you slip and trip up a bit. If  you keep losing it over one particular thing (sugar, alcohol, refined carbs) then take a look at how addicted you are to that. Here is a great site for everyone, with a sense of Kiwi pride and heritage. Your ancestors survived and thrived for millions of years and yet are we living shorter, sicker lives. Have a look;


WOD: Courtesy CF Kids 

100 Meter run

10 O/H Squats 45/30

100 Meter run

10 SDHP 45/30

5 Rounds For Time


  • Melissa — October 25, 2012

    Still sore from the comp:did the wod a little back to front haha
    RXD 11:49!

  • Andrew — October 25, 2012

    sweet effort from the guys at the 6.30pm class!

  • Harley — October 27, 2012

    13:15 30kg…lost valuable time thinking I was done, when I had 1 more round to go!!

  • Leichelle — October 28, 2012

    14.30 mins 25kg

  • genice — October 29, 2012

    12:41 Rxd, back wouldn’t let me run by round 4, had to power walk!

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