October 27 2013

We are still waiting for our final placing but we are proud as of our team WOD squad this weekend! They went through 5 Wods in 2 days, including a brutal 800 m run/100 m ocean swim for 2 rounds in 15DEG water and swell in which they placed 8th out of over 30 teams in their division! Well done and we hop to have several teams next year in this competition. A big thanks to Mount CrossFit, Luke and JT for yet another well run, professional event. Congrats to all who competed!

Check out TVNZ coverage HERE (Look for Seamus and Alex at 7 seconds)

Labor Day WOD:

A. 10 minutes double under practice.

beg: consecutive dubs

int: pb unbroken


15 lunges
5 squats
30 second plank
(top of a push up not elbows)
8 rounds for time



  • Paddy — October 27, 2013

    9:14 with a few kiddy interruptions. Happy Labour Day. I have no union so am at work.

  • genice — October 29, 2013

    Good on you Paddy! They don’t give you OT or meal penalties but they cant stop you from busting out a wod!

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