September 11 2012

Today’s WOD is dedicated to my old friend Gopal who perished in the WTC attacks 12 years ago today. I never imagined  as we ran around in our youth in NYC that I would be remembering him like this. To the singer of the CITY BEAT, today is for you.


Strict Press 5 5 5

Push Press 5 5 5

* max L hang between sets

WOD: “Gopal”

9 Deadlifts 60/45

11 Hang Cleans 60/45

20 jumps over the bar

1 TGU 32/24

2 Rounds For Time


City Beat was founded and fronted by Gopal Varadhan, who went on to work as an engineer on G.G. Allin’s album, “Hated in The Nation”. Varadhan also earned a degree in mathematics from NYU and became a successful trader on Wall Street. In August of 2001 he was hired by the firm Cantor Fitzgerald as managing director of interest rate derivatives. His life was cut short one month later when he became trapped on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center during the attacks of September 11th.



  • Melissa — September 11, 2012

    Wod: 9 Deadlifts 40KG
    11 Hang Cleans 40KG
    20 Over the bar jumps
    1 TGU 24kg
    2 Rounds for time 6:19. Struggled with that TGU but had to be done! RIP 9/11

  • Karla — September 14, 2012

    30kg D/L
    30kg hang cleans
    20 jumps over bar
    12 TGU
    RIP Gopal

  • Leichelle — September 15, 2012

    strict press 25/27.5/30kgs
    push press 30/35/37.5 kgs
    WOD D/L 30kg
    Hang cleans 30kgs
    TGU 16kgs 3.43mins
    moe mai ra nga tangata,nga hoa hoki…

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