September 11 2013

Today we remember all those who died and were affected by the tragedy that was 9/11/2001. Today’s WOD is dedicated to my old high school friend Gopal Varadhan and to Father Mychael Judge, both of whom died on that day. We also remember all the first responders who bravely gave their lives in the face of tragedy and danger, putting their lives at risk.


Strict Ring Dips max x5

9 Thrusters 60/40


20 Burpee box jump overs

1 TGU 32/24

2 rounds

For time


  • William Pickering — September 11, 2013

    30kgs (thrusters), 16kg (TGU) 15:11 William and Murray

    Ngaa whakaaro nunui kia ratou kua wehe atu ra, i taua aituaa 9/11

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