September 13 2014

The wonderful people at Safari Biltong are making us a special order to go along with the Whole30 challenge- sugar free biltong! The order will be here next week, so get in quick. Those of you on the challenge get first dibs but we can always order more.

Skill warm up: Emom 8 min box jumps/ t2b

A.BB reverse TGU 5, 3,3,1,1,1 each arm

B.18 min amrap CFHQ

20 mb cleans
400m run

Competition Class (10:30 am only)

800 m run warm up, 10 minutes of partner mobility and PNF

A. Take 10 minutes to find your 1 rm hang clean.

B. In teams of three, (performed in a relay, a, starts one movement, b can start theta movement when a is finished but cannot overtake, same for c)

30-calorie row
30 burpees
30 hang cleans

c. Team Rope Race 9 Reps 15′

Max DUs while one person from team is climbing. One person jumping rope at a time. team of 3  each member has to go up rope x3 for time



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