September 18 2013

SAVE THE DATE!! On Saturday October 19th 2013 we will participate in a world wide effort to support Autism awareness. Lift Up Luke is a 5 minute wod that we will run continuously during the morning sessions, form 7 -10 am that day. You can sign up through the link below s soon as our box is registered. We even have a chance to win some prizes for registering our athletes. The WOD is scalable so log on, find our box and sign up!

Click here:  LIFT UP LUKE

Beautiful day for a walk with a few KB’s!

WOD: In pairs…

A. KB Farmer’s walk 200 m 24/16

B. AMRAP of the following;

push press 45/30

Goblet squats 24/16

abmat situps


KB sdhp 24/16

In the time it takes Partner A to complete 200 m, Partner B performs AMRAP of the exercise. They then swap places, completing that movement. The WOD is finished when both partners have completed all movements once.





  • Cath — September 19, 2013

    After counting a number of times – Murray and I got 383 – with 16kg bells, me push ups

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