September 22 2012

We work and work and work at getting a skill that seems so elusive to us, like double unders. Then someone walks in, straight out of Elements sessions and nails them on the first try. It is humbling and daunting, at best. We all have strengths and weaknesses, which is why we CrossFit, so we can all around athletes, not specialists. If we always did what we were good at we would never improve overall. A few minutes here and there, that first dub then a few more. Practice and you will get there and then remember what you were good at upon walking through the door and took for granted!

Skill: Double unders

WOD: Courtesy CFHQ

15 walking lunge steps with bar in rack position 45/30

30 Double Unders

5 Rounds for time



  • Cath — September 22, 2012

    DUBS and me will become friends – done three in a row just need to get consistency. 10.36 for the WOD with my special friends Tuck Jumps.

  • Andrew — September 23, 2012

    rxd 11:08

  • Sam — September 23, 2012

    Time: 8:38 (RXD)

  • Leichelle — September 24, 2012

    Hello buttoids!! oh yeah..25kg bar 10 mins
    Practice is definitely te key 2 te DUBstep 🙂

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