September 27th 2014

Bitch n Swap Tomorrow at 10 am right after Yoga!

skill: g2s atlas stones, farmers walk, rope climb review

in teams of 3;  (thru the rig, relay race style) each person must complete one rope climb before the team moves on to stones then each person must complete a g2s atlas stone carry out and back (20 m through rig) before each person  completes a Farmers Walk out and back 20 m. times 5.

(8 am- AMRAP 1 min per station , burpee box jumps added)

when all rounds are complete, the team must complete 300 double unders collectively

Competition  Class (10:30 am only)

A.  3-rep-max front squat.  2 at a time, one woman and one man at a time  All divisions—Rx’d, Masters and Scaled—will have just 10 minutes for each team member to establish a 3-rep-max front squat. from rack The stipulation is the team may only use a single barbell for all lifts.

B. team of 2

Male/Female pair 1 completes:
20 thrusters (M) 20 pull-ups (F)
20 thrusters (F) 20 Pull-ups (M)
15 thrusters (M) 15 pull-ups (F)
15 thrusters (F) 15  pull-ups (M)
10 thrusters (M) 10 pull-ups (F)
10 thrusters (F) 10 pull-ups (M)

Rx’d Division
45/30 kg thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Masters Division
35 / 25 kg. thrusters
Chin-over-bar pull-ups

Scaled Division
30 / 20 kg. thrusters
Chin-over-bar pull-ups, 15-10-5 reps

C team 200 m relay alt male and female x3



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