September 4 2014

WHOLE30 Nutrition challenge starts tomorrow, Friday at 6:15 pm. Come to the kick off and do your baseline WOD at any of the regular morning sessions this Saturday. 

New beginnings: CONGRATS to Blackie and family who welcomed their son to the world this morning!  Our new Oly Coach, Ianne Guinares joins the CFW coaching team next Friday, Sept 12 when Oly class moves to 6 pm.

Happy Endings: Haere ra to Coach Devon who is finishing his time with us this week. We wish him all the best and have a good bye WOD planned for Saturday, Sept 27th.  Time TBD.

A. beg back squat 3×5 int front squat 3 x8

B. In pairs, alt movements: courtesy AMRAP Fitness

1x log carry on shoulder 20 m (10 out, 10 back)** will show you the pick up tech

10 x weighted pushups (can be on knees, but add weight if poss)partner adds plate

20 x burpees (can alternate as needed, but must do 20 each)

x5 (scale number of burpees, weight etc)

35 min cap

Meanwhile, in Russia:



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