September 5 2012

SAVE THE DATE!  We are staring our nutrition and training challenge with a Paleo seminar on October 5th. It will take us right through to Christmas and Chanukah giving you measured results like increased work capacity and physical changes in your body. Watch this space…

WOD:”Row, Push, Sit, Run”

Row 1000 meters

25 pushups 25 sit ups

50 push ups 50 sit ups

75 push ups 75 sit ups

400 Meter Run

For Time

Have a look at Julie Foucher (2nd fittest woman on earth 2012) in the back end of her stroke, what does yours look like?




  • Leichelle — September 6, 2012

    Wicked WOD! Hello adbominals…& biceps…& quads! 22.04mins

  • Andrew — September 6, 2012

    Rxd 19:47

  • Melissa — September 6, 2012

    RXD 18:26

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