September 6 2014

Big Congrats to Flo who placed 3rd in the masters division at the FS Postal comp this morning, Tanya Hammond on her 2nd place , Cath Scully on her 5th place and Tania Churches (first comp!!) on her 8th place in the NZ Masters scaled div today!

Comp class is back on as usual next Saturday at 10:30 am.

A1. Take 15 min to find 1 rm back squat

A2. Take 3 min to find max strict pull-ups (one set) unbroken, chin over bar- NO KIP. Scale with band if no pull-ups and note colour of band

B. “Baseline” Note modality of pushups (knees?), pull-ups and time finished.

row 500

40 air squats

30 situps

20 pushups hr

10 pullups

400 m run



  • Paddy — September 6, 2014

    87.5bs 3 pull-ups
    7:53 rx

  • Carlie — September 6, 2014

    80 kg 8x PU


  • Alex — September 6, 2014

    140kg + 8xPU


  • cath — September 8, 2014

    7.51 push up knees. 5 pull ups 80kg squat

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