Expert CrossFit Coaches

Cath Dunphy

CrossFit Coach, Kids/Teens Coach

Kia ora koutou , I have been with Crossfit Waitakere as a member since it opened and have been coaching for the past two and a bit years. I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger and played every sport that was going such as touch, netball, basketball – did bootcamps and a range of other things.

I remember being very anxious about trying CrossFit because I didn’t feel like I was fit enough. Turns out I sucked, however having found the courage to turn up and give it a go and still living to tell the tale, I was and still am hooked. I enjoy coaching and especially watching people challenge themselves and having personal transformations, whether it is in the mind, body or spirit.


Bachelor of Physical Education (Otago)
Bachelor of Arts (UoA)
PGDipEducation (UoA)
CrossFit Level 1
Coaching Olympic Weightlifting LVL1 Netfit