OWNZ National Masters Championships

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OWNZ National Masters Championship 2020

We are proud to host this event at Waitakere Olympic Weightlifting!

Entries open on 17 August 2020.

Qualifying starts from 2019 Masters Nationals (that were in December 2019) until close of entries on 13 September 2020.

We have arranged for reduced rates (16% off) at The Lincoln Green Quality Hotel here in Henderson, the nicest accomodation in the area and a quick Uber/cab to our facility. It is next door to our unofficial, post-Competition event at The Good Home and is a Quality Inn. See the info below for booking:
Standard: $190.00
Deluxe: $210.00 – can fit up to 4 people
Superior: $230.00 – can fit up to 3 people
Premium: $250.00
Rates quoted above are inclusive of GST, and are applicable for 1-2 people. All rates are on a per room per night basis, and is for room only.
Event Details
October 17-18 2020
Time: TBD
Registration: 80$ tee shirt 35$
Location:36 Bruce McLaren Road Henderson Auckland 0602

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